Business development, Business administration, New market entry, Growth strategy, Company structure Reorganisation, Sales and Profit Growth

Professional consulting services for the oil and gas industry since 2008. With a wide range experience in oil & gas industry since 1994, we are proactive, project oriented, working at customer location or conversely, a dour business park, or simply in our head office. We are reliable, flexible and willing to travel, open mind and focus on details. Our company is built on the experience and expertise of our people, passion for results and true team spirit.


Our services

Management consulting
Business Strategy, Operational, Marketing, Financial, Management Control, Information Technology, Outsourcing, Consulting

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Planning, Organizing, Leading Duties, Assisting in Financial Aspects, Company Representation, Hiring new employees

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Strategic advice, Possible solution, Forecasts and Outcomes, Aquisitions, Investments, Improving services, Companies reorganisation

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Assets valuation
Real estates, Plant, Machinery, Equipments, Valuations, Appraisal services

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